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21st Century Snack Foods
Offering Biermann Marzipan products molded into decorative shapes for several major holidays. Includes candybars and Jewish symbols.

Atkinson Candy Company
Offers a wide variety of candy including their signature Chick-O-Stick.

Offers nougats and caramels.

Bauer's Candies
Offers Modjeskas, caramel covered marshmallows.

Best Buy Candy, Inc.
Bulk quantities of items such as chocolate, gumball and jellybeans.

Billy Boy Candies
Sells all types of old-fashioned candy including New England old fashioned throat drops.

Blair Candy Company
Featuring nostalgia candy, traditional favorites, gums and mints, and other snack food.

Bonbons D'Antan
Hand-made treats concocted from plant and flower extracts. Includes a page of ingredients used.

Bulk Candy Store
Offers Jelly Belly jelly beans, Swedish fish, many varieties of gum, sugar free and low carb candy.

Calissons by Gilles
Sells French candies.

Sells wrapped and unwrapped treats, gummies, chocolates and a small selection of nuts and snacks.

Candy Nation, Inc
Sells items such as bubblegum, chocolate and taffy. Organized by type, theme and brand.
An online candy store offering thousands of different types of confections of all kinds.
Sells in large quantities. Products include lollipops, taffy and mints. Also provides a blog with ideas and recipes.

Carolina Candy Company
Makers of gourmet chocolate confections and toffee for mail order, and sale through select retailers.

Carousel Candies
Offers saltwater taffy, fudges, chocolates, turtles, jellies, and gummies.

Dan's Homemade Candies
Sells caramels, popcorn and candy. Located in Illinois, USA.

Dillsboro Chocolate Factory
Offers chocolate candy, gift baskets, fudge, truffles, jelly beans, gourmet coffee and coffee Beans.

Dylan's Candybar LLC
A chain of pop-art inspired stores with the flagship being in New York City. Also sells related lifestyle products and personalized gifts.

East Coast Confections
Offering concession sized candy and snacks.

Economy Candy
Offers a variety of candy classics, and dried fruits.

Goetze's Candy Co., Inc.
Manufacturer of caramel creams, Cow Tales, Bulls-Eyes and caramel apple sticks.

Groovy Candies
Offers assortment of bulk, wedding, and nostalgia candies.

Sells home-made caramels, caramel sauces and banana puddings.

Honey Caramels
Offering an assortment of hand crafted, organic caramels including personalized favors and gifts. Based in Orlando, Florida.

Il Sogno
Italian manufacturer of sugared almonds, confetti flowers and bonbonnieres.

Island Delights
Producers of coconut candy haystacks. Order by the box or in bulk.

Kathy's Homemade Candy
Easter and Halloween themed candy and lollipops. Order by e-mail.

King of Sweets Online, Inc.
Sells a variety of treats including chocolate, licorice and 'jaw breakers'.

Natural Candy Store
Offers dye-free, organic, vegan, and allergen-friendly options with products including lollipops, chocolate and chews. Includes customer feedback.

O'Ryans Village
Featuring 50's style candies such as hotdog bubble gum, satellite wafers, and ice cubes. Includes retro gift baskets.

Old Time Candy Company
Offers retro candies and toys from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Includes assortments by decade and the ability to pack personal order.

Pick Your
Offers a variety of chewy, gummy and crunchy candy. Includes company history.

Poor Boy Candy
Selling home-made flavoured caramels and caramel sauce. Includes media mentions.

Pyley's Old Fashion Confections
Sells a variety of handmade, old fashion candies confections from Amish Country, LaGrange, Indiana. (Requires Frames)

Rainbow Cotton Candy
Pre-packaged cotton candy for retail or wholesale, sold by the case.

Ratliff Candy Company
Makes peppermint candies, candy canes shaped into basket, drums, mugs and Christmas trees, plus flavored sugar sticks sold by the bag or in gift boxes.

Shop Sucre
Artisanal New Orleans confectioner specializing in French macaroons and gourmet chocolate creations.

Offers handmade candies with amusing, sensual names in wrapped packages.

Snowflakes Candy
Sells chips of flavored xytilol (a natural sweetener). Flavours include cinnamon, apple and watermelon. Includes FAQs.

Sells hand-made pillow rock, rock candy and lollipops. Customizable if required. Company history, gallery of products and FAQs.

Roadside stores that offer pecan log rolls, pralines, divinity, goo goos, chocolates, flavored pecans, and nuts.

Sweet Dreams Candies
Sells small-batch homemade marshmallows and caramels. Offers a customizing service for the marshmallows.

Sweet Jules Gifts
Handmade caramels in a variety of flavors. Includes testimonials from chefs, recipes and media appearances.

The Candy Depot
Offers candy by the pound, boxed chocolate bars, gift baskets and novelty candy.

The Online Candy Shop
Box sales of chocolates, lollipops, bubble gum, and taffy.

The Penny Candy Store
Supplies a variety of products including lollipops, Pez and kosher, selling to retail and wholesale customers. Bricks and mortar store is located in Sharon, Massachusetts.
A candy shop for bulk candy, jelly beans, and lollipops.

Think Gum
Sells a peppermint-flavoured herbal chewing gum. Provides the product's background, testimonials, research, FAQs and press coverage.

Vroom Foods, Inc.
Makers of energy-based confections containing caffeine, B vitamins, ginseng and taurine. Offering FAQs and a comparison chart.

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